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About Augusta Blueprint

Augusta Blueprint ( has been a premier reprographic (the art or process of copying, reprinting, or reproducing printed material) imaging company since 1971. We started servicing the Central Savannah River Area primarily offering blueprinting services, architectural and engineering equipment, and supplies. Since that beginning, we have evolved into a reprographic leader that offers wide format printing in Black & White and Colors on high speed digital equipment.

For over 50 years Augusta Blueprint has established an exceptional reputation by creating long lasting customer relationships, and providing great services. We utilize state-of-the-art digital equipment to produce projects quickly, efficiently, and at the highest standards. Within the small format division graphics department, which produces marketing materials, such as:  banners, posters, brochures, flyers, business cards, programs, invitations, color copies, church and funeral programs.

Augusta Blueprint is a reprographic leader, using industry advancement to assist our clients in meeting deadlines and facilitating communication and implementation of construction projects, through prints, web based software, bid documents distribution and consulting.

We provide the most advanced digital printing there is today! Using remote client software (ftp – file transfer protocol), we can reproduce from your originals or produce all your prints from digital originals with the click of a mouse.

Augusta Blueprint is the only locally owned reprographic facility in the Augusta area with the most modern equipment and latest technology. We now have the ability to receive and send large volume of architecture | engineering drawings and specifications to and from all parts of the country in a matter of minutes with the ability to produce wide format copies at 30 copies per minutes. For roughly fifty years, Augusta Blueprint has brought to the Augusta and surrounding communities the latest and most advanced technology and equipment to our communities. We want to earn your Business….

Augusta Blueprint should be your Reprographic Choice!


Wide Format

From the beginning Augusta Blueprint started on Ellis street in the late forties,
when Architecture/Engineering copies was made with peroxide the copies had
Blue background and white lines the next improvement was with ammonia the
lines was blue and white background. Today, we are in the digital age utilizing the internet to transfer drawings and specifications to and from anywhere, digital equipment offering your choice of black and white or color at a speed was unheard of a few years ago.

The technology improvement over the years has improved this industry and
the end is not in sight.

That is why we exist and excited to be a part of this industry.
Below is a partial list of wide format services:

    • Wide Format
  •  Wide Format is up to 11-40″ wide by any manageable length
  • Scanning 
  • Architecture/Engineering Reproductions
  • Reproduction on color stock
  • Mounting on 3/16″ Foam Board
  • Laminating – up to 55″ wide
  • Very High Quality Color (wide format)
  • Exhibits – for court and other presentations

Small Format

For this article is any copies printed on a traditional 8.5×11; 8.5×14; 11×17; 12×18 copier Augusta Blueprint is proud to be your copying center, you may E-mail your work with Instructions and in most cases your work will be ready when you get here: we have available color and black and white with an assortment color and weights of paper for your choosing. We are ready to be your copying center.

We strongly believe that our copying service is the best Augusta has to offer, and as always we stand ready to help you meet your most challenging timeline. Our copiers are of the latest technology with the speed that will meet the need of the most demanding customer.

We have been successful with organizing and Reproducing Specifications (Architecture Engineering).

    • Small Format
  •  Legal briefs
  • Letter heads & Envelopes
  • Church and Funeral programs
  • Business Cards
  • Forms
  • Court/Appeal Documents
  • Email:
  • Phone: 706-722-6488

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